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Remote transmitter site

Post by PaulBWalkerJr » Sat Dec 01, 2012 8:15 pm

I am working on getting a picture of what I believe is a 25 Watt SBS transmitter and the unknown model of broadcast antenna for the most remote radio station on earth.

Atlantic FM operates on 93.5 FM from the island of Tristan Da Cunha, a British overseas territory with a population of around 265 people that is 1750 miles from South Africa and 3360 miles from South America.

I have a contact/penpal there who has already given me Airchecks of the station which operates for only 2 hours once a week on Sundays.

The only place more remote is the island of Pitcairn, of about 50 in population, 3000 miles west of Chile. it has no regularly operating radio station.

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