ABC Liberty Weekend Credit Roll - 1986

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ABC Liberty Weekend Credit Roll - 1986

Post by Baylink » Sun May 19, 2013 3:21 pm

A long time ago, in an industry far, far away, there were these things called "credits", and they "rolled" them at the end of programs. We've gotten away from that, which sort of sucks, especially given what people get paid for this nowadays, and it's likely the only time you see a real credit roll (except at the end of the Tonys, and *maybe* the other awards shows, if you're lucky) is when local news organizations do one a year at the end of the 6pm on either Christmas night or New Year's Eve.

But here's a clip you might enjoy, from The Old Days. Sandi Patti's Banner is really good, and the credits are slightly over three minutes long.

Have fun.

On a related topic: I am now on sort of a quest, to dig the air masters of stuff like this out of network vaults and get it digitized and posted to ... someplace; I don't care where. How would you go about finding the requisite people to get clearance for that long tail of special events, and talking them into it?

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