Grand Network: 121212 Concert for Sandy from MSG

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Grand Network: 121212 Concert for Sandy from MSG

Post by Baylink » Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:23 pm

As I've been seeing the coverage of the list of bands for the upcoming Sandy relief concert (next Wednesday, 1930EST), I was wondering why they didn't work out a partnership deal with someone like FathomEvents, to put paying butts in seats to watch it in lots of places that weren't Madison Square Garden (though I guess the cleanup is probably far enough along to support it now...)

As it turns out, the answer is actually that they're going Grand Network with it; 15 some odd streaming providers, 30ish US cable nets, about the same number of international cable/sat services, and about 30 theatres in NY, NJ, and CT. I assume it will be a telethon. I'm not sure they wouldn't have been better off doing it as paid admission; I can't *imagine* this bill not pulling a crowd, and digital theatres could bump less important showings and double up... but they do what the do.

Any interesting comments on Building the Grand Network, or links to technical coverage of this one or older ones, put em here.

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