Welcome to the Engineering WIKI forum

Have a question or an idea for the Wiki? Want to tell the world about a new entry? This is the place!
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Welcome to the Engineering WIKI forum

Post by NECRAT » Thu Apr 24, 2008 9:12 am

Welcome to the Engineering WIKI forum.

This forum is to discuss our new WIKI. We feel the WIKI will be a valuable resource to our readers.
If you have any questions please feel free to drop a question here.

The link to the wiki is here http://wiki.broadcastengineering.info/.

A great editing tool exists here.
WIKI Editing Help
Take a look at that to guide you in editing....

I will say, there are two rules we need to follow with the WIKI:
1) Keep it factual. Don't put information which is questionable or opiniated. That's what the forum is for.
2) Don't "test" edit existing pages. There is a Test area where you can build, play and do whatever you like to try it out. To build a test page, just click on "edit" on that page, add a line like this *[[ ??? ]], then click save the page. (Where ??? is, put your title, i.e. you'd put *[[Kent's Old Timey Transmitter Page]]. When the page is saved, you can "go back" to the page and click on the new link you created (it will be red on most browsers) and go at it. It's real easy.

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