Tandberg input card

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Tandberg input card

Post by duaneclaude » Fri Nov 29, 2013 5:02 pm

I recently got hold of a used Tandberg tt1260. All seemed fine with it until I tried to access menu 2 which is the input card menu.
The front display screen had the message ' card not recognised '.When I then inspected the inside of the unit, I saw that a microcontroller on the input card had burned. I also noticed, printed on the card ' HD DEMOD ', also there was a sticker with ' S13460 R.1-9 ' printed on it, and below that was printed 'S13214_8 BOARD HD DEMOD ' . My thoughts were that 1260 is a SD receiver, and the card appeared to be HD .I have uploaded a photo of the card.Can anyone confirm whether
this card is the correct one for the tt1260 or were my first thoughts correct? .The burned microcontroller is bottom right on the photo by the way.

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