ABC follows Dish/Direct into affil streaming to combat Aereo

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ABC follows Dish/Direct into affil streaming to combat Aereo

Post by Baylink » Thu May 16, 2013 12:13 pm

From a technology perspective, he said, ABC’s live streaming is low cost. Affiliates who want to live stream their feed only need a simple $1,000 Linux box that taps into their live broadcast feed and uploads the programming to the cloud, where transcoding occurs in real time thanks to Amazon’s EC2.

Software on the upLynk device, GigaOM reported, connects with the broadcaster’s programming guide, and upLynk swaps out programming on the fly if the broadcaster doesn’t have the rights to air a certain show online. Also swapped out are commercials, with ABC replacing its generic TV advertising with targeted ads served to mobile computing devices.

According to media reports, ABC’s mobile live stream will include the same sorts of digital ads that are on This is in part because the Nielsen Company is not able to measure mobile viewing of live television yet, the Times said.

Because it is not paying the broadcasters, Aereo actually has more freedom to air shows that ABC can’t air. Local stations may not have the right to air certain syndicated shows online. When this happens, upLynk substitutes another program. Aereo airs it anyway, since it is carrying the broadcaster’s on-air feed. ... ng-service

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