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Meet the Staff

Post by BroadcastDoc » Sat Nov 24, 2007 12:57 pm

Here's the list of the Admins/Moderators here at the Virtual Engineer:

Chris Tarr CBRE, CBNT, DRB (BroadcastDoc)- Site Admin and co-founder: I am the Director of Engineering for Entercom's Milwaukee and Madison, WI stations. I'm also on the SBE's National Board of Directors and am Committee Chair for IT Strategies.

Kent Winrich (K9EZ)- Site Admin and co-founder: Kent was the DoE for ClearChannel in Milwaukee, but left for greener pastures. He's now doing really cool RF Engineering for the Government, and spends his days doing things we only wish we could do, and in his down time is on IM making fun of Chris's musical selections. Kent is also a contract Engineer on the Raleigh area.

Mike (NECRAT)- Moderator Team Leader: Mike is a seasoned TV Broadcast Engineer, and owns the popular website devoted to tower photography. Mike is our Head Moderator, and oversees all of the forums.

Tim (Tim Burke)- Chief Engineer: He's not an RF guy, but he is our Board Maintainer. He's a PHP jedi.

Adam (rockmanac)- Moderator: Adam is a TV Newscast Director for a TV station in Madison, WI.

Robert (n9lkf)- Moderator: Robert is a Systems Administrator at a Milwaukee medical supply manufacturer by day, and my assistant Engineer nights and weekends.

Bob (techboywi)- Moderator: Bob is a help-desk tech. We still like him regardless!

Rick (rrrprod)- Moderator: Rick has 25 years experience as a Radio Engineer, and has lots of great stories from the 70's. At least from what he can remember from the 70's...

Sam Buca (Sam Buca)- Moderator: Sam is radio Engineer and Ham Radio enthusiast. He may seem tough on the outside, but he's nice and gooey on the inside. He has mad ninja skillz, and is inexplicably drawn to his SX-5 transmitters.
Christopher "Doc" Tarr CSRE, DRB, AMD, CBNE
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