Civility and Site Moderation

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Civility and Site Moderation

Post by NECRAT »

We had a problem similar to this show up in the past and unfortunately it has shown its ugly head again.

While we want and encourage free and open discussion towards one another, we require that users are civil to one another. It is ok to disagree, but just agree to disagree and leave it at that and move on. Yes, sometimes topics get heated, but there can be heated, but there can also be personal, and that is where we draw the line.

It is NOT ok to make any personal attacks on anyone, either on the boards or via the private messaging system. We DO NOT allow it, WILL NOT tolerate it, and will punish those who don't understand this, and ignore this directive.

If you disagree with how you feel you are being treated on this forum, or any other matter, regarding another user, from this point forward you are to send a personal message to an administrator here. (Broadcastdoc, Kent K9EZ or myself), and let us handle it. We absolutely will not tolerate any private message fighting or calling another user out because you disagree with their position or attitude. Anyone who is found doing this will risk having their private messaging rights shut off, or even being suspended from the board. It's cut and dry. The best thing you can do is if someone really pisses you off, and you feel so badly like sending that nastygram to them, step away from the board, cool off, and come back the next day. If you decide to send the nastygram, be warned, you may face what I mentioned above. (Note: you will be warned prior to any actions, which will be done on a concensus basis from the administrators. There is no single "Managing Board Editor" here). Oh and if there is a post you think is an attack, please use the report post function on the offending post.

We pride ourselves on running a very low moderated, loose ship here. But sometimes things have to be reigned in a little.

This matter is closed for discussion, and do not send me a PM regarding this thread.


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