Stupid Basic Size Question

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Stupid Basic Size Question

Post by NECRAT » Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:56 pm

This stems from a conversation I had earlier.

In a new radio facility, multi station cluster, how many square feet total does the radio station typically require?

I know this is a loaded question but ball-park wise.

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Re: Stupid Basic Size Question

Post by Shane » Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:45 pm

we have 3 stations in 5400 sq ft. and that's probably large today. (One of my previous places had 2 stations in 10,000 feet but those were the days!)

I know of a standalone AM in KC that exists in about 1500 feet or less. You usually get some space efficiencies with a cluster.
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Re: Stupid Basic Size Question

Post by KPJL FM » Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:36 am

8x10 for a control room, 8x10 for a guest studio. Worked at an AM like that for 7 yrs.
2 shelves in an ordinary closet for a 'studio-in-a-box'.
In my basement, I have a studio, prod, and xmtr in a 8x6 space (the wife wouldn't let me take over the laundry area). :lol:
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Re: Stupid Basic Size Question

Post by TPT » Tue May 14, 2019 2:55 pm

I have two stations in 1,750 square feet (well, 35' X 50' building--so actually less)...but that's too small. Then again I have a transmitter building that is 2,400 square feet (60' x 40')--but I am only using one 15' X 25' room for transmitters...six of them (2 class A's and 4 translators). The rest is storage. Not to mention our other station built into a 3 bedroom split level on three acres. Bought the house in 2009- when nothing was moving because the banks wouldn't loan--I had the financing, but also had only 2 months to move a station we bought.

As a practical matter, for a cluster, if building from scratch I would go with two fairly large studios where you could accommodate several people on mike at one time. Then several smaller studios designed for one person. Finally one "master control" with a control service. While I prefer analog consoles--this is where you would use a digital system, allowing sources and feeds to be easily transferred around. One of the large studios would be for your typical "morning zoo" show, while the other would be designed primarily for production. Granted, most production is one person and a computer, but even in smaller markets there are times when the client wants to come in to record. Or you need to record a talk show (think public affairs, sports preview shows, etc.)

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Re: Stupid Basic Size Question

Post by kkiddkkidd » Wed May 15, 2019 6:46 am

I have one FM station with an air studio, prod studio, tiny office and a bathroom in less than 1000sqft. The air studio occupies close to 1/3rd of the total space. It is very engineer unfriendly but is perfectly functional. The owners office is at his home where he also has a small studio.

I have another AM w/ basically the same setup in probably not more than 600sqft. They were "evicted" from their very nice studio when their long time land lord needed their space for an office expansion. They were given a year to move but procrastinated for about 330 days... The prod room doubles as the owners office but again he has his main office at his home. This studio is co-located with their AM TX. The DA TX room is larger than the studio space. This site is now very, very engineer unfriendly for both the studio and tx equipment but again it works.

I once built a fully functional studio in an unused 6x8ft bathroom (compete w/ disposal port in the floor). Back in the main studio days, a atty office in the CoL rented the station one of their bathrooms and had it stripped to bare walls, a small desk and cabinet installed, a Mackey console, couple of mics, 2ea CD players, telephone and a small computer & pots codec made it fully functional. They actually broadcast from that studio for several hours during a renovation at their real studio in the next town.

Be sure to find out if you are bound by ADA requirements. ADA will require much larger access spaces than absolutely necessary.
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Re: Stupid Basic Size Question

Post by radio_guru » Wed May 15, 2019 1:22 pm

RE---ADA. That is a very important matter. All AHJ's now incorporate the ADA into their building code. Which includes corridors and bathrooms wide enough for a person in a wheelchair to turn around. Typically, 5' wide--minimum.

As for overall facility and studio room size, you need to consider it's use. If you have a lot of guests, then you will need more room. A lot more room. Never mind the counter space needed for all the monitors in a given air studio while maintaining sight lines to the other side of the counter. But gone are the days of 400 sq.ft. control rooms unless you're station is a big money maker.

Properly done, a 4 station cluster with one air studio each, a couple production rooms, news production/air, and a 6-8 rack engineering area (along with offices) could be done in a 5000 ft. building.


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Re: Stupid Basic Size Question

Post by Nathaniel Steele » Fri May 17, 2019 9:34 am

Wer'e Probably close to 10,000 sq ft. 4 air studios, 2 prod, 1 news. about 25 employee's. the sales side of the building is probably bigger than it needs to be, but it's nice when we do events and bring the public in, large open space to assemble them. My rack room is too small, hard to get behind the racks, less than 2'. When I have the choice I like 3' minimum each side of the racks. this building has a weird layout, so space use isn't the most efficient. We could probably fit everything we need in 7,000 or so. that said, it's nice having decent sized studio's, the 4 air studios are around 200Sqft each, as well as the main prod room (way bigger than it really needs to be). the talk studio would be nice if it were bigger, or at least more square, it was hard to fit 4 guest into with enough room to move. Probably not ADA all the way around but you could get a guest in a wheelchair into 2 of the guest positions.

I know real estate is expensive, but everyone likes their job better if they're not cramped all the time. And windows....WE have very few windows in this building. and no storage either....we have big open spaces were it isn't needed, and not enough space where it is.

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