Analog versus Digital Console

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Analog versus Digital Console

Post by virgil1971 » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:54 am

Evaluating whether to go analog or digital with station console purchase. Digital would be about an average of 7k more per station than digital because of some building and engineering equipment improvements needed to handle the additional equipment - switches, nodes/blades, etc. Management is giving pushback on the additional cost and losing space for the additional equipment needed. We know that with digital the wiring is simplified, but also have been told it can be a headache to set up, especially with multiple consoles and stations in the building. Perhaps like a lot of you, my management not interested in arguments like it will make engineering easier, but is only interested in things like it will help in terms of reduced expenses and/or increased revenue. So, in your opinion, is digital worth the extra cost? By the way, we are not HD and have no plans on going HD. Thanks!

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Re: Analog versus Digital Console

Post by Muadeeb » Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:04 am

With digital, it either works or it doesn't. Wiring is simplified because you're running 1 pair for stereo, and wiring phase is really not an issue. Also, you can easily (and cleanly) run it on Cat-5 and his brothers which tends to be a little cheaper than AES cable. Clocking is not so much an issue as people make it out to be. AES imbeds a clock signal inside itself and most equipment reclocks on input anyway.

You mentioned 'switches and nodes/blades' so it sounds like you are already going Axia or Wheatstone; the cost difference between an Analog node and a digital node is nil. With careful planning you may get by with only a couple of extra nodes. It's hard to know for certain without knowing the details of your setup.
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