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Optimod Sound

Post by cjflfm » Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:56 am

Hey all, I have been on these forums now and then over the last couple of years. I have been very happy with the knowledge of the experts on this site. I own a small radio station. It's mostly for a hobby. I can't afford the big today broadcast processors. So in the last 7 years or so. I have been trying very hard to at lease be able to emulate the sound of the optimod 8100a. I own one of those units But I dont run it on my radio station on air chain because it belongs to me and I enjoy the sound just for my own listening pleasure at home or for what ever hobby or side project I'm working on...

But im no broadcast/sound engineer. So I don't really know if my software solution preset that I have been working on for years has enough or to much processing. I more or less just go by ear. If it sounds ok.

I know I asked in the past for pointers etc, I have been tweaking ever since. I think with this preset I made that I could possibly never have to worry about running the real optimod or trying to find them, They are very expensive for some reason and getting harder and harder to find.

I would like to share the shoutcast mp3 stream link with you guys. I would very much like all your opinions on the processing of the audio. This is a direct feed before this audio hits the software mpx/rds generator stage, then off to the mpx input of the transmitter.( The tx has a built in deviation meter and it seems to avg at 75k and once in a while peeks to the upper 70s if thats good? Is that an indication the processing is within range for FM broadcast?) Here is the mp3 link.

It would be nice to know if im at lease still in the right track. My sound seems to have that warm punch that the optimod has. It has surprised me as I was never able to produce a good sound with software only in my opinion anyways.. There has always been this kinda over processed sound or kinda like a dry over clear thin sound like when cheep processor like a berhinger over working....Unless it still sounds crap and I don't know it anymore. Thats why I need the opinion of the pros :)

Thanks All!

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