Going IP-Audio

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Going IP-Audio

Post by bholowenko » Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:39 pm

A client of mine, a small-ish online station, is looking to move their studio from a basement suite to an office suite. Now that the station is past it's "proof of concept" stage it is time to make things a little more professional looking. As part of the transition I am advocating moving to IP Audio. The defacto at this time seems to be the Axia and Wheatstone products. I have yet to do much research on the WheatNet IP stuff, but am seeing that it is pretty similar. At this time I am leaning towards recommending Axia.

I have come up with a basic design on paper and am hoping that I can get your feedback and recommendations to let me know if I am on the right track.

- 8-fader iQ (Or Radius if we can - It has nicer looking Vu's)
- 6-fader Telco-expansion (Mounted to the same frame)
- QOR32

Producer/Production Room:
- Raq
- VSet6?

Server Room:
- iQ6 analog phone system + 3 2-line ATA units.

Our sources:
- 5x Line level from Mic processors (mono) (4 in the studio, 1 in the producers suite)
- 1x CD Player (stereo analog audio or SPDIF audio out) (located in the studio)
- 1x Analog line stereo audio from a club-style DJing rig (back of the studio)
- 1x Analog Aux audio inbound (stereo) (Studio desk)
- VoxPro PC (studio)
- 2 Audio Sources from the automation machine (Server room)
- 1x Skype machine (studio)
- Z/IP One to/from remotes (server room)

- Headphone Amp (Line level audio in, stereo)
- Studio monitors
- Producer monitors
- Z/IP One
- Prostream to Icecast + CDN

Is this going to be the most cost effective way of going into IP Audio? Is this config doable? Have I made some flaw? My main concern is ensuring that I can have the QOR32 support the two IQs (connected as one frame) and the RAQ in the other room...Also, would you guys recommend that I use the IP-Audio software driver instead of having analog in the middle? It seems like a silly question, but are there any issues with shuddering audio or latency or anything?


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Re: Going IP-Audio

Post by Catfish » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:25 pm

Sharing a Qor between two surfaces is intended for the DESQ and the RAQ. One Qor would be able to support 2x DESQ, 2x RAQ or one each of DESQ and RAQ. However, your question suggests that you wish to have an iQ and a RAQ sharing the same Qor. You mention 2 iQ's but by this I think you mean an iQ main section and an expander section. This only counts as one console. Adding the RAQ would be a second console. I designed all of those products when I worked at Axia, however I have been away for almost a year now. It is possible that they have made some changes to the Qor which will allow it to power an iQ and another surface. But AFAIK, this will not work.

Regarding the driver, it works great on any reasonably modern PC. You shouldn't experience any dropouts or stutters. You could put analog in the middle, but you're going to pay for that audio card or interface, and then you're going to use analog inputs on your consoles. Why not try the driver and see if it works for you? If you talk to Axia or your dealer beforehand, you might be able to try before you buy or at least get them to agree to a refund if you're unable to get it working. It usually works though.


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