Choosing guest mics

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Choosing guest mics

Post by hellothisisdog » Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:16 pm

I'm looking at some new mics for the 3 guest mics for our small campus studio. We're currently using dynamics (AT250, completely inappropriate to my ears but hey that's just the setup I've inherited), they mount directly to the desk via an XLR gooseneck extension, eg this: ... gooseneck/ - and the mechanical noise we get off the desk is just horrible! HPF, gating, nothing helps much since these mics are pretty much completely unsuited to the task :(

So, new mics - I'm aiming to keep the desk as clear as possible, and with our limited studio space a bunch of boom arms isn't really feasible. I've been thinking about getting some goosenecks that could be shock-mounted to the desks a la this sort of thing: ... 156891.jpg . Does anyone have experience using goosies for this sort of application? I saw one of the major commercial networks here in Aus are using gooseneck-type guest mics - this kind of sparked my interest.

I'm also concerned about pickup patterns and sensitivity. I'm torn between the benefits of a tighter pickup pattern (eg cardioid or supercardioid) to cut down on room sound and phasing etc issues that may arise from having 3 mics open in close proximity; and on the other hand if it were omni then we'd hopefully be getting less desk/handling noise and proximity effect, as well as lessening the problems from untrained talent straying off the mic. On the thiirrrdd hand, I've never been a fan of condensers for this sort of application anyway! Seems like it's kind of asking for trouble without proper room treatment.
Anyway, any general pointers for pickup patterns for guest mics? Am I right to be wary of condensers even if the room is fairly well treated?

cheers guys :D

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Re: Choosing guest mics

Post by KPJL FM » Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:18 am

EV RE16 might do ya.
Trim to fit, paint to match, tune for minimum smoke.

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