Help making an On-Air & Mic Light controller

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Help making an On-Air & Mic Light controller

Post by caldrenfitz » Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:48 pm

How would I make my own light controller to control an OC White MIC-LITE and an On-Air Tally Light (I also want to make the tally light)?
I know Henry Engineering has products like this: ... 12467.aspx
Is there a way I can make my own?

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Re: Help making an On-Air & Mic Light controller

Post by TPT » Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:02 pm

First question is what is going to control the controller? Mixing console? Or are you using a mixer (like a PA mixer) that doesn't provide tally outputs?

For a simple circuit I would use a 4 pole relay like this:

Uxcell 4PDT Electromagnetic Power Relay with Socket Base, DC12V Coil (search Amazon for specs)

Connect a 12 volt DC supply, + to one side of the coil, and the supply ground to whatever will provide the "tally." A lot of consoles provide a tally circuit which switches to ground when a mike channel is turned on--the relay power supply ground would go to this ground and the relay coil to the tally circuit connection. Turn the mike on, relay comes on. Then use the separate poles of the relay to connect whatever small DC lights you want to use. For example--a separate 5 volt supply ( or dropping resistor off the 12 volt supply) to provide 5 volts to the led in the mike boom, and then maybe a separate connection to the 12 volt supply for a bigger light, like an incandescent low voltage bulb.

If you want to switch 110 volts, I would then use a solid state relay rated for the wattage of the bulb in the "on air" light. For example:

INKBIRD 25A SSR Solid State Relay for temperature controller, (search Amazon for specs.)

which would appear to work with a 12 volt DC supply to turn on a 110 volt circuit that could certainly handle an incandescent light bulb in an older style on air light.

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