Digigram VX222/Windows 7

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Digigram VX222/Windows 7

Post by tonybroom » Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:01 am

E-mail forwarded to me by my CE, from another engineer looking for advice, caused me to want to revisit this since we have so many VX222/v2's on the shelf.

In our windows XP days we had many vx222 and vx222v2's in service. After moving to Windows 7 we experience numerous problems with them Windows 7 (32 and 64bit). Digigram support indicated that there are drivers for Windows 7 but don't guarantee functionality. I'm sure as with some older ASI cards that I have sitting on the shelf there's probably some incompatibility with chipsets on newer motherboards.

In our case we experienced many audio drop outs and increased latency. We were using these with all of our Audion VoxPro installations. After moving to W7 the card would randomly stop working until the application was close and relaunched. Ultimately we started phasing them out for newer cards. Performance was also poor when I tested using these with Adobe Audition under windows 7.

They've been worth keeping... from time to time a need has come up for one in an older machine or a broadcast neighbor has needed one for their automation.

Probably hopeless but curious if anyone has had any success using VX222 cards with Windows 7? and any steps you might have taken to get them working consistently?


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