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NAB hams

Post by billcroghan » Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:44 am

The Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club invites all hams attending the NAB to use our 146.94 repeater located on the Las Vegas Hotel next to the convention center. It’s 146.94 offset - 600 KHz, 100 Hz tone. No Autopatch or linking.. We also have a 448.500, offset -5 MHz, 100 Hz tone but it’s got issues at the moment. It’s located about 8 miles from the convention center on a hospital and has noise issues on the input. Use it at your risk. It’s open but not linked. The club meeting is not during the convention this year but we invite all hams to join us when in town, third Thursday, 7 PM. Email me if you have questions.
Give me a call. I usually monitor that when out and about and maintain it.

Bill Croghan CPBE WBØKSW
Chief Engineer,
Lotus Broadcasting, Las Vegas, NV

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