Most of us are likely pack rats. Helped me twice today :D

A case of PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair)? Tell us about your war stories!
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Most of us are likely pack rats. Helped me twice today :D

Post by radiowave911 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 4:12 pm

In the first case, in my regular day job as a network analyst, we had a guy stop in and ask if there was any chance we had a zip drive. Seems he believes his college thesis is on a zip disk and he needs it to help with a business issue. I pulled out an external zip drive (missing the parallel cable, though), a SCSI adapter that fit the drive, a SCSI cable, and a PCI SCSI card that doesn't quite fit in one of my crash and burn PCs (PC is a small form factor, the card bracket is full-height, and the card is a bit taller than half-height, makign the connector reeeeal close to the top of the slot). He is bringing the disk in tomorrow. I wasn't even going to attempt to get this menagerie working under Windows - the PC I am using is running Ubuntu Linux. Everything came right up and as immediately recognized.

In the second case, we experienced a transmitter failure at our high school station. The issue appears to be the exciter. Pulled out the old exciter (the original LPB exciter from when we went on the air - In October of 1978), hooked it up, and tweaked the power. Back on the air. I am waiting on it to warm up fully before I finally adjust the power. I have it running low right now - figured I would peruse the forums while I wait. Of course, the old exciter does not fit in the transmitter where the new one belongs, however it sits nicely on top. The output cable running through one of the vent holes (that just happen to be slightly larger than a male N connector) into the transmitter.

And my wife says I'm a packrat like it's a bad thing :D
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