Fact Checks? Who needs that

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Fact Checks? Who needs that

Post by techboywi » Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:49 pm

Not radio related....but good for a laugh...
KTVU Reports Asiana Air Pilots Were “Sum Ting Wong” and “Ho Lee Fuk”
Bay Area news station KTVU just reported that the pilots of Asiana's disastrous flight 214 were the crack team of "Sum Ting Wong," "Wi Tu Lo," "Ho Lee Fuk," and "Bang Ding Ow.
The story with video:http://gawker.com/ktvu-reports-asiana-a ... -759185714
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Re: Fact Checks? Who needs that

Post by Baylink » Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:21 pm

Current reportage from SFGate is that NTSB is saying they confirmed these names (in the person of a summer intern, who shouldn't be confirming anything -- by policy, NTSB does not do this), but did not *supply* the names; I surmise they came from a similar intern at KTVU, who had called for confirmation, and supplied the video clip we're all laughing at.

UPDATE: NTSB has canned their intern, but KTVU has yet to say whom on their end was responsible, and may be sued by the airline for their trouble.

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