A bit of AM History

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A bit of AM History

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My first BE job was taking care of a number of these beasts for some hometown AM Stations in OK, MO, and KS.

BTW, they sounded this good.



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Dale H. Cook
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Re: A bit of AM History

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I like the Magic Marker notations on the front panel - that brings back memories. By about 1980 I had progressed to Dymo labels, and I now use a P-Touch labeler for such purposes.
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Re: A bit of AM History

Post by RodeoJack »

Geez.... at least use cart labels over Scotch Tape... or the like!

Most of the owners I worked for would have freaked if I'd done that to their rigs :-)

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Deep Thought
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Re: A bit of AM History

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Heh...the paint on those things would allow you to clean off the markers without even leaving a shadow.
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Re: A bit of AM History

Post by REW »

I worked at one station back in the early 80's where one of the DJ's labeled the transmitter with a marker. It already had the meters labeled at the factory, and if that wasn't bad enough he marked all the pots on the board and then drew a line on the VU meter at 100% and wrote above it " Not above this line" . When I saw it I just walked out the door and went home. When I went back a week later the guy had quit. I was able to get the marker off everything except the meter face. You could still see it 20 years later.

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