Radio Datacast Testers Wanted.

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Radio Datacast Testers Wanted.

Post by DaleSharp » Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:22 pm

Hi Guys,

I have a product which you guys might be interested in..

Id like to introduce you to "Radio Datacast" this is a project ive been working on for some time and I recently was awarded a engineering excellence ACRA (Australian commerical radio award) for it

What it does is combine RDS ( compatiable with FMB80, Orban, Nautel), Digital radio (DAB+ only at this stage), Streaming (compatible with Shoutcast and Custom URL updating) it will even generate high resolution slides for display on your TV screens

Its compatible with RCS Nexgen, Master control and Zetta (I will like to add more compatibility so if you have something else let me know)

It will also grab data from twitter.. so if you want to put sport scores up as mentioned above here.. just get your talent to tweet them!

It is at this stage Linux based and can run on a raspberry pi or on a x86 linux server

Here is a video of it in operation

Here is the BEST part... its FREE!

Im looking for a few more test sites so if your interested please email directly:

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Re: Radio Datacast Testers Wanted.

Post by NECRAT » Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:57 pm

I moved this post to a new forum. It was irrelevant to the Nautel RDS forum. This post is close to being spam. If it wasn't for the fact you are looking for testers and offering it free, I'd flag it. (or another user would). For now it will stay.

Please email him if you're interested.


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