Buddy, can you spare a tower?

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Buddy, can you spare a tower?

Post by Deep Thought » Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:09 am

From northpine.com:
An FM translator is currently transmitting from a tree after its tower mysteriously vanished. Radio 74 Internationale tells the FCC that it discovered on Aug. 24 that someone had removed the tower for K263AP/100.5 (Mandan), which actually transmits from a rural area south of Bismarck-Mandan. In a request for special temporary authority, the station tells the FCC it's transmitting from an eight-meter tree with 50 Watts. "The situation could continue for yet several weeks or months until either we determine exactly who removed the tower, why, and can seek its return, or...install another tower," the filing says. K263AP carries Radio 74 Internationale by relaying KJIT-LP/106.7 (Bismarck). (9/10/2016)
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Re: Buddy, can you spare a tower?

Post by kcbooboo » Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:06 pm

It's bad enough to drive up to a tower and find some crew has removed all the antennas and feedlines, but to find the whole tower gone? Perhaps a competing station wasn't satisfied at just cutting the coax to get them off the air. Could it have been a repo?

I drove to an AM site a few years ago only to find the chain across the gate had been cut, the lock was sitting on the ground with the remains of the chain, and the dumpster filled with construction debris (remnants of the previous catwalk out to the towers) had been removed. I made a police report for the break-in. A year later it was discovered that a relative of the guy who rented the dumpster wanted it, so he broke in and drove off with it. A resident on the street came forward with the info on the side of the truck.

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