Podcast for Engineers and Hobbyists!

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Podcast for Engineers and Hobbyists!

Post by AlexLinger » Wed Sep 28, 2016 10:08 pm

Hello all!

A co-worker and I have started a podcast called "The Radio Tech Guys". It's a weekly show dedicated to the tech that truly drives the radio industry. Our hope is to get true discussions going between all of us engineering folk and create an environment that 30+ year veterans and the greenest of rookies can join together, laugh, learn (from our mistakes), and even simply appreciate radio and broadcast in general.

Please if you would, visit http://www.theradiotechguys.com and consider subscribing to the weekly podcast. We would greatly appreciate it!!

The website gives you all the details to get in touch with us, and even be on the show live each week. We also have developed a youtube channel dedicated to how-to videos and product reviews.

Take a look if you would, and please share with anyone that might be interested!

Thank you!!!


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