Has anyone received the new Nielsen monitors?

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Has anyone received the new Nielsen monitors?

Post by Lee_Wheeler » Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:52 pm

Well over a year ago I sent the paperwork back to Nielsen to receive the new PPM monitor boxes and I remember an article from Inside Radio that said they were going to start shipping them at the end of June --- 2016. Has anyone actually received them?

My guess is that they proved that the PPM encoding technology is largely incompatible with streaming CODECs so they quit sending them out.


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Re: Has anyone received the new Nielsen monitors?

Post by awsherrill » Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:49 am

We got ours not long after I turned in the paperwork (and boy howdy did they pester me about finishing that).

They are still sitting in their boxes in the rack room. I just haven't had time to clear out multiple rack units of space and pull new wiring to get them working.

I have no clue whether PPM works with the average streaming encoder. We have a handful of station streams that are encoded, but I don't know for certain if the stations realize any additional metered listenership. I seem to recall one of the PDs telling me they picked up an additional tenth of a point, which is something.

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Re: Has anyone received the new Nielsen monitors?

Post by billcroghan » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:53 pm

By new, I am going to assume you mean the 4 channel per box. We have 3 of them, in service for a couple of weeks. 3 FM's, 5 AM's, two translators all working just fine. Have had a couple of contacts with Ebony at PPM but they were all minor, temporary loss things that were not repeated. Slaved relays from the back to lights in the control rooms. Used an and/or circuit to a single light in engineering if any one was off. They did not want the old single channel boxes back, so left them in the control rooms as a backup. When I need the space or when they crap out, I'll pull them out. generally like them.


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