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Shane wrote: Thu Aug 16, 2018 5:07 am I cannot remember when I last set a clock to WWV/CHU. Easily more than 10 years ago.
Since I don't wear a watch nor care much about clocks neither have I but I use the signals regularly to verify receiver / SA operation and check freq stability of some of my test equipment. I have a cheap but seemingly stable GPS disciplined 10mhz osc that I guess will be my go to freq standard now. I guess that I had better get it out again and verify that it is as stable as I think it is before they hit the plate off on the big transmitters.

Was there any time frame to turn them off?
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If you read some of the FCC Part 73 rules, they specify WWV as the primary frequency standard. If they get rid of that, we'll have to use the GPS system, which will make things like 10 MHz GPS-Disciplined Oscillators a lot more useful.

One of the nice things about CHU on 3330 kHz is that you can pick it up on an FIM-41, even though it is using only one sideband.

Bob M.
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