What's with all the spam lately?

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What's with all the spam lately?

Post by davek »

I've noticed a there is a big increase in spam posts lately. Is it time to tighten the security screws on the forum a little more?
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Re: What's with all the spam lately?

Post by KPJL FM »

Ya think this is bad, check my phone! :lol:
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Re: What's with all the spam lately?


I try to report every one I see to the "remover in charge" as I get up early here in "central fly over country".

They get deleted, usually quite quickly.

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Re: What's with all the spam lately?

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Once one finds you they all show up like stray cats. Unfortunately it takes some effort to filter them out in advance which I don't see happening here.
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Re: What's with all the spam lately?

Post by kcbooboo »

Holding first-time posts for moderator approval is certainly one easy way to handle things, however if the admins don't want to take on new moderators who are willing to do that, there's not much anyone else can do except go elsewhere, which may be their intent. I'm up early too and have reported my share of spam, and eventually someone who can delete it wakes up and does so, but it should be squashed at its inception.

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Re: What's with all the spam lately?

Post by DaveSt »

Probably the moderator(s) are busy earning money in their day job rather than sitting in front of a computer all day to catch the spam as it appears. To me the amount of spam here is not bad and is easily ignored as it is so obvious. It usually gets killed within a day or so anyway.
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Re: What's with all the spam lately?

Post by NECRAT »

https://www.broadcastengineering.info/v ... f=1&t=7364

No need for two threads on this. I am working with Chris to come up with a better solution for it, than what is currently in place.
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