United Rental Hacked

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United Rental Hacked

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Heads up!

It appears that United Rentals web server, email and possibly database has been hacked and scammers are sending out fake invoices.

I just received 2 fairly legitimate looking but oddly worded emails to an address that probably has never been used anywhere other than UR. The email has several links to United Rentals web site and an invoice that appears to be on UR's web server. They looked just odd enough (and I haven't rented anything from UR in months) to make me call. Then as I was looking at the website, the toll free number changed before my eyes...

I called UR on an old number and they confirmed that it was a scam but didn't yet know how the scammers came to have an email address that was probably only used in comms with UR. They also didn't know that the website was modified.

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