Gluing Silicone

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Gluing Silicone

Post by radiowave911 »

I recently went on a search for a way to repair a silicone rubber keypad. One of the buttons popped out when I disassembled it to clean and renew the conductive contact points on our air console (I swapped the pad with the production console - the missing button is less important there).

I found a replacement pad, so do not need to proceed with the repair (A Radio-Systems Millenium-D with LiveWire console, Angry Audio has the spares), but still thought this crowd may be interested in what I found.

I came across one silicone epoxy that can bond silicone to silicone, stays flexible, and is durable. It is not necessarily cheap (I found it around $30 for a 3oz tube), but when you need it - you need it. I am going to pick up a tube and fix the pad anyway, so I have a spare.

The stuff is called Sil-Poxy and is from Smooth-On: I have seen it on Amazon, and there are distributors all over the US. If you go to Amazon, be careful - I saw some listing the small tubes for almost as much as others listed the larger 3oz tubes! None of it is prime, though.
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