Thanks for your help!

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Lucky Phil
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Thanks for your help!

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Hi All,

Phil from Australia here, long time listener, first time caller.

Just wanted to thanks to everyone who has shared information recently about power supply failures in BE AM-xx transmitters.

I had a call out for a failure on a BE AM-500 at a remote site a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to having read of similar experiences on this forum, I was able to quickly run the local contractor through a couple of tests to confirm that all fuses and breakers were ok and that it was a power supply failure in the exciter. The contractor swapped out the power supply for a spare that was already on site and had the service back to air within 45 mins of arriving.

I haven't had much experience with these transmitters, so it would have been a much more long winded affair if I'd had to diagnose it without this prior knowledge.

Cheers, Phil
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Re: Thanks for your help!

Post by grich »

It's nice to have a resource like this. I've certainly gained more than I've contributed.

Indeed, thanks to all!

Regarding the BE AM's, not much has happened to the three I care for. We're getting due on swapping out the big blue capacitors on two of them. Otherwise, keep them clean and cool, and they work.
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