Energy-Onix AM Transmitters, Opinions?

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Re: Energy-Onix AM Transmitters, Opinions?

Post by Dale H. Cook » Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:37 am

Kent T wrote:... documentation blows a big one ... MYOD (Make Your Own Documentation) when it was new, it was way easier to maintain.
For those without MYOD, there is a scan of a Pulsar manual from 2003 in two parts at: ... ansmitter/

EDIT - that now appears to be a dead link. I am about ready to post my scan of the 2002 manual, and will post that 2003 manual at the same time. End of edit

I have scanned the manual from the Pulsar 1000 I have been working on (test sheet dated 2002), and when the PDF is done I will post it on my site and put a link here.

Needless to say, neither manual exactly matches the Pulsar I have been working on. After I repaired the power supply I had to replace the fuse holder in one module, but it was otherwise okay. Another module was showing a fault LED and had no output. It came home with me as I will probably need to order some MOSFETs. I left the station (which is over two hours away) running at 600 watts on two modules. I will get inside the bad module this afternoon, and who knows what I will find. It is missing about half of the machine screws on both side panels, which is a bad sign - if someone cannot be bothered to replace all of the hardware I do not think it bodes well for whatever repairs they may have undertaken.
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