Looking for RCA WX-2A FIM Schematic

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Looking for RCA WX-2A FIM Schematic

Post by kcbooboo » Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:27 pm

This unit is similar to the RCA WX-2C, 2D, and 2E, and Nems-Clarke 120D/E units EXCEPT: it only has ONE large front-panel gain control, not a small COARSE and a large FINE gain control like on the later models. Because of this, the schematic in the area where the gain pot operates is quite a bit different. All of these units only cover 540-1600 kc though and used the 67.5V "B" batteries.

I've got docs on the models with the two gain pots. I'm desperate for info on the one with just one front-panel gain pot.

There are other subtle differences: the 2A tuning knobs used real dial cord to turn the dials, so when you turn the knobs CCW, the frequencies go lower. The later models use a gear drive on the perimeter of the dial, so when you turn the knobs CCW, the frequencies go higher. Takes some getting used to, unfortunately. I'm glad P-I used dial cord and did it right.

If anyone has a manual and could make a good copy of the schematic (it's probably a fold-out sheet, multiple pages are fine), or the entire manual, that would be most helpful. I'll pay for copying and mailing costs, of course. Or you could scan it to a PDF file if that's wthin your capabilities.

PM if you have the right manual. Thanks in advance.

Bob M.

Update: 18-Oct-13: Dale Cook found and scanned a WX-2A manual which I have downloaded. My quest is over!

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