Is this similar to a Marti?

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Is this similar to a Marti?

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Re: Is this similar to a Marti?

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Well, it's intended for doing remotes, but that's about where the similarities end.

The "Marti" that you're probably referring to (actually a brand, like RCA or Gates, etc) is (was) a one-way VHF radio link. The transmitters usually had built-in mixers, so you could plug in your mics and an antenna and that was it... sort of. You need a complimentary receiver at the studio.

What you have there is a mixer, but it's designed to plug into a telephone POTS line and connect to the studio by way of a normal phone call. If you have access to a phone line where your remote originates and some kind of phone coupler at the studio, you can still use those things.

Depending on the type of phone line you get, audio quality will range from terrible to reasonably acceptable.

Nowadays, with laptops, Skype, hotspots and iPhones, it's a lot easier to get very good audio quality out of a remote.
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Re: Is this similar to a Marti?

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And lots of luck finding wired phone lines--why everyone uses cell for remotes.

Whether cell or POTS line, you can improve the quality on the studio end by use of an EQ--I use the ART EQ-351, around $100. Just adjust it till the remote sounds kinda OK---
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Re: Is this similar to a Marti?

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Holy cow! I had forgotten these ever existed! I haven't seen one of these Micro-Trak remote boxes in 30 years!
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