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Re: Contactors!

Post by rfn » Sat May 27, 2017 2:31 pm

Sometimes it's not just the cold, deep snow, or even ice.

Before retiring some 12+ years ago I made daily early morning visits to a transmitter site at Nome. Yes, Alaska. Remember, sunrise (when there was one) came around 1pm and I'd go there about 7. Did I say "dark"?

-40 was not unusual and the road passed the snowed-in driveway to the site so there was a walk (or wade?) through the snow for about 300 yards.

One morning the woman who had a cabin across the road raced out to intercept me.

Said her dogs had been awake all night being taunted by a polar bear.

Suggested that it might not be a good thing to walk down to the site.

I didn't.

Returned that afternoon when there was a little sun.

The generator building, up on 4-foot pilings, had a deep depression where something had slept for a bit.

Oh, I didn't mention the BIG paw prints that made the path a little easier to walk.

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