WCFJ Gone dark, everything passive for sale

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WCFJ Gone dark, everything passive for sale

Post by radio_guru » Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:33 pm


I'm relaying this for Mike McCarthy, the DoE of Newsweb in Chicago. He advised they're planning to dismantle the TX site, re-built with all new gear in 1999. Everything after the TX is being sold except the CPB-1. That would include:

KTL-- 3 cabinet phasor w/ TCT/EXR-5 and internal 1KW dummy load (painted Grey & black)
KTL-- 8 tower DA-2 w/ omni mode controller and matching KTL equipment rack for same.
KTL-- 8-- ATU's w/ TCT's, TCT-EXR's, and RF contactors all. ATU 3-is D/N/omni and is large.
2-- 1/2" Heliax iso-coils in KTL ATU type cabinet
1-- Cabtron 44RU" x 24" deep equipment rack.

1-- Valmont/Pirod 240ft. x 24" tower w/ Flashgard 2000B strobe and torque arm for a 6' STL dish.
1-- Valmont/Pirod 220ft. x 24" tower, no strobe.
6-- Valmont/Pirod 165ft. x 24" towers.

All towers have IL- Structural Eng. ink seal and comfortably conformed to RS222-F. Give how they were designed, Rev G conformance is likely.
All towers come with a Austin base insulator and custom base tab and Cadwelded copper bussbar for bonding.

He advised the active electronics (along with the CPB-1) are being absorbed by their other stations.

He also advised they'd prefer to find a single buyer to take everything, including the towers as they're standing before entertaining piecemeal offers.

And for those interested, all the control cables to the towers can be removed and re-used as well. They're pulled in fiber duct. The cables are Belden THHN #10 x 9 and #12 x 9 direct burial cables. About $2/ft. today if bought new.

Contact him off list at: <mmccarthy@newswebradio.net> or 773-467-8247 for photos and other info.


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Re: WCFJ Gone dark, everything passive for sale

Post by kkiddkkidd » Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:36 am

WOW... We built the ground system for that site and it is (or at least was) a showplace. IIRC, the ATU's each have controls for tx on/off, patterns, audio, etc. A real class act.

Sorry to hear that it is going dark.
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Re: WCFJ Gone dark, everything passive for sale

Post by Deep Thought » Fri Nov 13, 2015 1:48 pm

The night limit from WMBD is over 37 mV/m, making it essentially a daytimer, and the daytime signal points away from the Chicago market into the lake. It was fine for its intended audience (south suburbs and NW Indiana) in the 1960s but trying to make it even a partial Chicago market station was a very bad idea.
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