New engineer - questions

AM Radio discussion. Directional arrays are FUN!
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Re: New engineer - questions

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“...the last AM filing window was in 2004...”

The FCC, being composed primarily of lawyers*, does not seem to grasp that eventually people die.

Or they do and that is their strategy.

*no offense intended to our own TPT
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Re: New engineer - questions

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No offense taken. We don't need anymore stations in our market. There are 6 AM's in our market. All but one have FM translators, four of the five AM's rent space on my FM tower for their translator antennas. We get one of these translators with the AM we are buying, along with a second out-of-markettranslator that could be moved back into town and sold to that last AM.

Already made lots of $$$ selling translators during the 250 mile waiver window a couple of years ago.
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Re: New engineer - questions

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Jim Sofonia wrote: Sun Jul 26, 2020 3:59 pm
NECRAT wrote: Sun Jul 26, 2020 7:45 am Fits in an area of 1/3 acre and has a signal that covers at least twice that!
Reminds me of fiberglass rod somebody in Canada was selling that wouldn't broadcast much past it's own shadow, oh but it too was FCC approved.
That's Valcom, and they do work if you are on the upper part of the band. They are also more expensive than a guyed tower and still require a full ground system. They are only worth considering if you have severe height limits due to the FAA or the local bribery zoning commission.
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Re: New engineer - questions

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go to and find "silent stations" there you can see all the AM stations that might be going under.some AM station like those would take a offer cheep.Good luck ..................
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