Armstrong FML 10T

Gotta watch those Fresnel zones!
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Armstrong FML 10T

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Anyone ever find a schematic for the power supply in this RVR/Armstrong STL transmitter? Power supply cooked when the fan died. Got the unit to come up, displays frequency. However, no 24 volt supply for the fan, presumably this supply also runs the power amp (no RF out).

I see where someone had replaced an LT1076 three pin regulator (have one ordered) which may be in this region of the supply, plus there is a 1/2 watt resistor in series with the 24 Volt DC fan. Resistor markings evaporated off--looking at one of my Armstrong's looks like this is a 62 Ohm half watt.

Would be helpful, though, to have a legible schematic if one exists
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