7Ghz STL with 5.8ghz diplexing

Gotta watch those Fresnel zones!
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7Ghz STL with 5.8ghz diplexing

Post by Methodical » Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:56 pm

Anyone done this? I'm about to try it out, just because it'd be so great.

I've got 6 foot PL6-65 dishes on both ends of a 10 mile shot. 39dbi of gain @ the center of their operating band, 6.425-7125ghz. The wildcard is how much gain exists @ 5.8ghz but I'm told the shots are so likely to work I'm trying it anyway. Also my vendor is offering free return in case they don't.

I'll be using diplexers from MFC: http://www.microwavefilter.com/newSTL_Diplexer.htm and Umbiquiti Bullet M5's for the radios.

FYI Apparently they now sell 7ghz dishes that support 5.8. http://resources.tessco.com/attachments ... 616159.pdf
If I were buying new STL I'd be sure to try to make sure that they also support 5.8ghz.

I'm using this for site management only, no streaming. Maybe some security cameras. When implemented, I'll post detailed signal and noise information so that future implementers can estimate 5.8ghz performance based on 7ghz performance.

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Re: 7Ghz STL with 5.8ghz diplexing

Post by jammerdave » Tue Nov 11, 2014 8:56 am

We do that all over the valley here in sacto for KOVR and KMAX. We are using the Carlson long range radios. Works great.


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