Moseley PCL 6020

Gotta watch those Fresnel zones!
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Moseley PCL 6020

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I am seeing occasional "overshoot" on modulation to about 125% out of and into our exciter at the transmitter. Cycling the power on the receiver usually resolves the issue but not this time. Anyone know if this Is just a capacitor replacement fix?


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Re: Moseley PCL 6020

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I had a similar problem with a station we bought a couple years ago. The Energy-Onix exciter would even loose lock, dumping the transmitter.
Replacing the exciter (with an 802B) revealed the problem came from a very intermittent low frequency noise spike coming through the STL receiver (an Armstrong).

Eventually tracked down to something riding the incoming power lines at the studio. Better AC power filtering eventually knocked down this noise to a tolerable level.

My noise was clearly audible, but you may have something similar that is either sub-audible, or very high frequency getting into the chain.
Also a possibility of interference to the STL receiver.

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