Budget Local Remote Options Are ???

Gotta watch those Fresnel zones!
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Re: Budget Local Remote Options Are ???

Post by Shane » Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:35 am

If you'd like to hear a Skype remote today, go to www.elpezomaha.com and click on the speaker in the upper right corner. You may not be able to understand what's going on -- it's en Espanol -- but you can get an idea what it sounds like. Note only mics at the remote; everything else from the studio. Tomorrow will work, too.
Mike Shane, CBRE

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Re: Budget Local Remote Options Are ???

Post by Slab Bulkhead » Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:00 pm

Shane wrote:
We typically hardwire the 4G connection over USB just in case there are multiple hotspots in use.
How do you do this?
The particular model of Jetpack the station has (4620L, I think) will tether via the Micro USB port on it. I think I may have had to go into the admin page on it and do something to enable this function. I plugged it into the USB jack on the Comrex Access and the Access recognized it as an "Ethernet Port". Enabled it and it pulled an IP and off it went. I was also able to get the Access to recognize my Android phone when the USB tethering is enabled. This was with the latest 3.0 firmware on the Access, the station's portable unit is the older model and can't run the 4.0 firmware.

For another station that has a Tieline, I came up with a roundabout solution that involved taking an old Buffalo router and flashing it with OpenWRT firmware. With the proper settings, OpenWRT would allow the sports director to tether his Android phone into the router's USB port, and then connect their Tieline's ethernet port to the router to get an IP connection out through the phone.

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