Portable Desktop Monitor

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Portable Desktop Monitor

Post by ArcticNemo »

I've a few transmitters with small desktops running the show for remote access, and I usually drag a monitor along to interface on site (with its extra cables). Internet is limited at some sites, so teamviewer and the like are not always reliable.
The portable monitors I've found seem to be designed for laptops, not even being recognized by a desktop workcenter at all. What drivers or functionality am I missing? Is this a hardware adaptability issue?

Specifically, I am trying to mate Lenovo Thinkcentres (630e) to a Lenovo M14 Thinkvision. I did get a Displayport to USB-C adaptor, but that doesn't seem to do the trick.
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Re: Portable Desktop Monitor

Post by carver »

I am not a technical support specialist, and you haven't described the problem,
but most likely you are using a Type-C cable, and M630e don't support it for video.

take a regular monitor, or install VNC server to M630e, and use laptop/ethernet port.

maybe your laptop supports video over type-c,
and you can connect a monitor, as second screen, and see VNC connection there.
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Re: Portable Desktop Monitor

Post by dcwar »

Many of the USB-based portable monitors require special drivers on the computer to work. I would highly recommend one of the GeChic brand portable monitors, such as the 1305H or 1306H, which can take HDMI directly, and are also compatible with Macintosh computers.
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Re: Portable Desktop Monitor

Post by Dale H. Cook »

Since both products are Lenovo I would suggest calling Lenovo to see if that is even doable.

I would also suggest having another go at remote access. Abandon Teamviewer and the like, which are bandwidth hogs (and I would never trust any third-party remote management anyway), and try a VPN tunnel and VNC.
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