Mini PC for Burk AutoPilot?

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Mini PC for Burk AutoPilot?

Post by w9wi »

Recommendations for a mini-PC to run a transmitter status display?
It's going to need to hang off the back of a wall-mounted HDMI monitor & run Burk AutoPilot.

Doug Smith W9WI
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Re: Mini PC for Burk AutoPilot?

Post by TPT »

I've used several for "monitor drivers"--we have the new STORQ system which is accessible over the in-house network by browser, I just use these to run the monitor & give me access to the satellite program when I need it. They are around $150 on Amazon. Most have both cgi and hdmi outputs for the monitor, and a limited number of USB ports--just enough for keyboard and mouse.

Major problem I've found is limited storage capacity. Which one would think wouldn't be a problem where you don't need to store very much data...but I've run into problems with Windows10 updates trying to stuff them too full of useless junk like various games.
Nathaniel Steele
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Re: Mini PC for Burk AutoPilot?

Post by Nathaniel Steele »

dell optiplex 7040's. Sometimes you can find i3's for under 200, but I got all my i5's under 300. they typically are running windows 10, have a 128 or 256 GB ssd in them, 4-8GB of RAM, Display port and HDMI (both of which can convert to VGA with a $4 adaptor, and some have optional vga. some have wifi too. I believe dell made a bracket to attach to the back of a monitor, but a couple strips of industrial strength velcro would hold one too.

I've been replacing office desktops with these, there small and quiet, and as long as you don't need add-in cards they're great. power supply is an external 19V line lump.
Tim Burke
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Re: Mini PC for Burk AutoPilot?

Post by Tim Burke »

I like the Intel NUCs - ... 087D4Q11L/ This is the newest gen, but there are other options that are lower cost with older-generation CPU.

I use these for miscellaneous kiosk-type displays... relatively inexpensive, has native HDMI and ethernet, and comes with a Win10 license. We stick them to the back of a wall-mounted TV using high quality velcro.
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Re: Mini PC for Burk AutoPilot?

Post by radiowave911 »

Look for a Dell Micro or a Lenovo Tiny. Both have VESA mounting brackets to attach them to the back of the monitor.
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