Smarts Broadcasting System

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Doug Erdman
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Smarts Broadcasting System

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Has anybody used the newer version and what do you think of it. I am told it was quite impressive, but personally have not seen it in operation.
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Re: Smarts Broadcasting System

Post by grich »

I have a client that transitioned from a Smartcaster/RS-HD system to Skylla last year. Heard no complaints other than a missed setup item or two which I cleaned up later. I don't know how to RUN it, but that's normal anymore...if I did learn I would just forget it.

They have two stations and lots of sat sources. There are times when they have too many sports events to air, say a NASCAR race and a Big 10 football game at the same time. Both of those normally air on station 1. They'll get permission to move the race to station 2 (normally airing Fox Sports). Normally I would have to parallel the contact closures for the race over to station 2's automation PC, but with Skylla I can map virtual closures from station 1's automation PC over to station 2. Saved a lot of headaches for me.
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