Digital Audio Recorder or Shotgun Mic?

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Digital Audio Recorder or Shotgun Mic?

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I've slowly been building up my audio gear to try to get as near to BBC Radio quality without spending BBC prices. For "studio" I have an Allen & Heath Zed10FX and a Shure KSM32. For out and about as well as recording off the desk I have a Roland R-05 portable audio recorder. It produces an incredible sound at any price, but as there's no direction I'm a bit concerned that the sound is a bit thin. I've been looking at the Audio Technica AT897 as a live interview / out and about microphone with a Rode Blimp 2. Purely for radio, is this overkill or necessary?

I'll probably use an electronic PPM meter as I'm too cheap to buy a hardware based one

I'm primarily a storyteller and try to find equipment that does what I want it to. I don't yet produce for the BBC, but I'd like to...

All help is extremely appreciated.

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