Two different internet providers

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Two different internet providers

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Besides the usual e-mail traffic, we have another station 20 miles away with its own studio, air staff. Constant traffic between sites for copy, traffic & especially automation logs. So we not only have TV cable as the internet provider but also DSL from the local telco as a back-up.

We had figured out how to easily reconfigure the network if we needed to use the DSL--involved switching cables but could be done. Then the DSL modem died. The new and approved Frontier modem/router is completely incompatible with the cable modem/router. Hook it up & it re-writes all the network settings.

So.... Suggestions on a simple way to easily switch between these two modem/routers? Perhaps some kind of intermediary black box before the switch?
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Deep Thought
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Re: Two different internet providers

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Sounds like you need a dual-WAN router. I used to use a Netgear "VPN Firewall" box that I set to failover to the DSL, which left the LAN as it was...just the public WAN address changed due to the different provider. That was dealt with via DDNS. ... -techspecs
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Re: Two different internet providers

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Yep, dual-WAN router with automatic failover sounds like what you need. Or you can get fancy and get one with load balancing and run both connections at the same time (hey, you're paying for them anyway...). I'm not sure if there is a way to "bond" VPN tunnels over different WANs for increased capacity, I would need to do some research on that.

There should be a way to set the cable and DSL modem into a bridge mode and just have it pass the public WAN IP through to your router and let your router take care of all the firewall functions. I was able to do this on my residential AT&T U-Verse connection by assigning my router as "DMZPlus" device (and of course disabling Wi-Fi and whatever else I didn't need on their router). Doing this on the Business U-Verse connection at the LPFM I am involved with was a bit more aggravating because of the way AT&T does static IP's but I was finally able to get those passed through to the devices that needed them (e.g. Comrex).
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Re: Two different internet providers

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A spare PC (doesn't even need to be overly powerful) with a couple of network adapters would do the trick as well. I am running one for the high school station I engineer. We only have asinlge WAN connection to the internet, however the system (pfSense) is capable of multiple WAN interfaces. It is also capable of multiple LAN interfaces, either physical or as VLANs, or a combination thereof (mine uses one physical connection with multiple VLANs on ti for the inside network). Handles all of my DHCP server needs, firewalling, routing, VPN, etc.
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