Avocent HMIQSHDI restore factory defaults?

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Avocent HMIQSHDI restore factory defaults?

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I have a HMIQSHDI KVM transmitter configured for an unknown IP address. I need to reconfigure for a specific network.

You change the IP by connecting the transmitter directly to a receiver, then connecting a RS-232 terminal to the receiver and using a serial menu.

Problem is, for that to work the receiver & transmitter must be on the same network. If you don't know what network the transmitter is on... I guess you could try, then, then, etc... but I don't expect to live that long...

My understanding is the factory default IP is If I knew of a way to force it to that factory default I'd be home free...
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Dale H. Cook
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Re: Avocent HMIQSHDI restore factory defaults?

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Is it connected to a switch? If so I would connect a laptop set for DHCP to that switch (so it will pull an address in the same subnet), see what subnet it pulls, and run a network discovery utility on that subnet to see what is there. If the target system is not stealthed it should show on the network scan.
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