For those of us who survived DigiLink II -- have to share!

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For those of us who survived DigiLink II -- have to share!

Post by W4QXL » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:57 am

So, in cleaning up my shop the other day, I happened across an Arrakis Systems DigiLink II CPU that came out of one of my client stations after an upgrade a year or two ago. The old man who owned the radio station was rather set in his ways, and didn't want to change out the system because it's all he knew how to use. He finally retired due to illness, and his son's exact words in directing me on my first mission for him was, "Please God, make that horrible blue screen disaster go away! I want something that didn't have to have a patch for the Y2k scare on the air here!" -- No problem. :D

Anyways, I found it, thought up a good use for the case with another computer, and decided to "part it out" on eBay...figured I'd share the link for the pictures and such. How many of you remember replacing the video card, controller card, or having to send a DSP or disk buffer card back to Arrakis for repairs? How many of you still hear the "whirrrrr" and "click-click-click" of the heads of the gigantic 5.25" Seagate HDD in your nightmares?? :lol:

Here's the link...enjoy! ... 1218764628

Oh, and as for "What are you doing with the rack mount case?" -- It's becoming and IRLP/Echolink computer for my ham repeater. Makes a darn nice case complete with 1/4" TRS plugs on the front for audio I/O to the repeater! Might even squeeze a Raspberry Pi in there, too, for something else! :mrgreen:

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Post by RGORJANCE » Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:07 am

Wow! Haven't heard that name in awhile.

I installed a three station Digilink back in the 90's with three air studios, news room and production - - all on a Novell network with the traffic and billing system. We also installed the "Live Assist" button panel in four Arrakis 12,000 series boards - - - the production room could be used as an emergency air board for any of the tree stations.

The ONLY real problem I can recall having was the original hard drive for the music on one station was defective and we had significant dropouts during playback. It was replaced no charge.

The live assist panels were pretty good and served us well. All in all, it was quite reliable and didn't require much attention at all. We did have a staff member who was very good on the programming end and rarely had a problem. I think my biggest problem was replacing the light bulbs on the consoles. The boards were super, and I think I have only had two or three VCA chips fail in all these past years. Not so with the newer versions that had VCA chips made by a different outfit.

The station was sold, and we installed Maestros some time baxck. I understand they have scrapped those and gone to something else. Looks like the Digilink lasted longer that the Maestro.

Installed a Nautel ND-5 ten years ago and have lost only one PA modue. We hope it never breaks again because we won't know how to trouble shoot the thing.


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Re: For those of us who survived DigiLink II -- have to shar

Post by ChuckG » Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:08 am

Ha. Digilink. There's still one in use on-air about an hour southeast of here. I had to repair the switcher a while back but it's still spinning it's original hard drives. Was another up in the UP, might still be in service, yet another at a 100kW FM in Wausau until about 7 years ago. Gotta admit they've outlived a lot of replacements, and replacements for the replacements, lol.
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Re: For those of us who survived DigiLink II -- have to shar

Post by Kent T » Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:10 pm

I think that the infamous DigiLink II was actually far better than the Arrakashit console which got replaced by the old console before it. Bad when a less than 3 year old Arrakishit console gets replaced by an over 30 year old Quincy Snowplow (in this case, a Gates Stereo Statesman). Albeit hotrodded with Op Amp Labs parts. Arrakishit does not like nearby RF and loves to play random sources on air. And eats those op amps like candy. The automation was decent for budget. Lost a motherboard or two and one hard drive, not bad in 10 years of use.

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