SS32 "Insert Song" issue

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SS32 "Insert Song" issue

Post by userjf »

I have this newly happening issue with SS32:

When I use "Insert Song" to manually choose a song to play, it let's you filter by Title, Artist, Time, etc...

It defaults to the "Title" mode, so when you start to type a song, it searches by Title.

If you want to search by Artist, you click on Artist and then start to type the Artist name.

HOWEVER, now whenever I click on anything other that Title, it doesn't change to that mode. It no longer searches by Artist or any of the other options. The only one that works is Title. The Artists show up properly in Title mode, but you can no longer actually use the Artist (or other) filter modes.

Has anyone ever seen this problem or have any suggestions? I've restarted the PC, but with no success.

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Re: SS32 "Insert Song" issue

Post by ChuckG »

Have you tried doing a Dump and Resort on that station from the Dispatch?
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Re: SS32 "Insert Song" issue

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and make sure that Dispatch and the SS32 are connecting thru the network. If you changed anything in the categories, the dump and resort should fix your problem.
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