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Call letter approval

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If an AM or FM station wants call letters which are already on an LPFM signal, do they still need to get written permission before the FCC will consider the call letter change application? It seems like I see a good number of LPFM signals which have similar calls to full power broadcast stations even though they are obviously not co-owned. For example, if there is a WEEE-LPFM, would an AM or FM station in another market need to get approval from the LPFM just as they would a regular AM or FM station? I know on the commercial band people have purchased call letters from other stations but that’s not what I’m talking about in this case. Hope that makes sense. Thank you for any insight on this matter. I did try looking it up in the FCC rules but couldn’t find anything.
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Re: Call letter approval

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Yes. I worked with a church owned LPFM a couple years back when they were approached by the attorney for a Florida station wanting permission to use the same call sign. That company made a donation to the church, the church signed off on a permission letter. FCC granted the change to the Florida station.

The FCC database (the CSRS), however, is not always up-to-date. When we split off one of our FM's to go classic rock, I found the call "WXCR" seemed to be available, even though the call sign reservation system indicated it was not. CSRS had the call listed for a NY station, but other places in the FCC records showed a different call for that station. We finally had to have DC counsel walk over & get our request approved.
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