are these legal?

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are these legal?

Post by kc8gpd »

notice the 1.2ghz output frequency in spec's. isn't that a ham band?

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Re: are these legal?

Post by KC9AIC »

These devices are probably not legal to use. Part 15 rules don't allow intentional radiators in the 1.2 GHz range. For what it's worth, the 1.2 GHz amateur band goes from 1240 to 1300 MHz, with radionavigation and radiolocation services being below it.

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Re: are these legal?

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I wonder what the frequency stability is like?

It might be an interesting way for those of us who are licensed to operate in this band to give it a try...
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Re: are these legal?

Post by KE4AHR »

If you hold a license of the appropriate class, then yes, for Part 97.

If you don't have a Part 97 license, then it's legal until you get caught.

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