FCC runs out of LPTV callsigns (kinda)

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FCC runs out of LPTV callsigns (kinda)

Post by w9wi » Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:22 pm

High-VHF channels have always been popular for translators in the West. The DTV conversion bumped many to new channels and got us pretty close to the end of the alphabet in some places. K07ZR (Harlowton, Montana); K09ZB (Havre, Montana); and K13ZS (Sargents, Colorado) were assigned.

I figured the repack might put things over the top. There are 43 translators on channel 40 in Utah, not to mention other states and channels above 37. All will need to either find new channels or go dark. Some might find 7, 9, or 13 to be their new channel...

So, this afternoon I opened the Commission's Broadcast Applications, and found this:

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UT  -0000029157	K13AAD-D  182318	WESTERN KANE COUNTY SPECIAL SERVICE DISTRICT #1	Minor change of callsign K42IW-D.
Why no K13AAA, K13AAB, or K13AAC? Good question. K13AAD is still an application -- it hasn't yet been acted on. My guess is they reserve call letters when the application is filed, but don't put it on Public Notice or in CDBS/LMS until staff determines it's acceptable for processing.
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