Sony BVH-2000 PS 1 inch C-Format Sound

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Sony BVH-2000 PS 1 inch C-Format Sound

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I have two Sony BVH 2000PS 1 inch C Format.

One gives a short beep when I turn it on,
the other does not. both work as they should. what does that signal mean?

Regards Ulrik
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Re: Sony BVH-2000 PS 1 inch C-Format Sound

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The control panel (BKH-2011/2012/2013) has a small piezo buzzer inside that beeps when there's a major alarm (for instance, if the upper drum can't spin). It also beeps once when the system controllers finish initializing, so what you're hearing is normal. If you take the panel apart, there's a trimmer resistor that lets you adjust the volume of the buzzer... and some people like to turn it down. I used to maintain several machines that had the alarm turned all the way off because you could hear it in the studio.

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